LA4X / LA12X / 4 Channel with DSP of German ALLDSP brand


◆ With DSP, adopt German high-end ALLDSP signal processor. Top sound quality.

◆ All speakon and XLR connector adopt Swedish NEUTRIK brand.

◆ 100M Ethernet cascadable LAN, achieving to remote on/off switching multiple device management.

◆ The LA12X power input uses a 32A dedicated socket,allows you to load speakers with low resistance and still have plenty of input power to the power supply.

◆ Power supply adopts active power factor correction (PFC) technology, high efficiency and low loss; 3-way main transformer + 3-way PFC, to maintain a constant and stable power output, 4 ohms under the power does not drop.

◆ Highly efficient speaker reverse potential absorption system; linear low distortion,     CLASS-D power circuitry.

◆ FIR function, output 650 FIR taps.

◆ Software interface features hierarchical customization, It can be divided into administrator and user modes, controlled by password.  

◆ Unique power-on volume gradually larger function, can protect the wrong     operation of the speaker damage.  

◆ Be good at drive subwoofer, most suitable for heavy bass music DJ bar,     outdoor large-scale electronic music festival and etc.  

◆ Advanced Class D circuit design,  work efficiency reach 95%,     heat is less. avoid over high temperature, ensure amplifier better stability.