GXi416, GXi424, GXi432

◆ 16/24/32 channel structure.

◆ Two sets of stereo line input.

◆ 6 AUXs, among which 1-4 are equipped with pusher front/rear switch.

◆ Each channel has an independent 48V phantom power supply switch.

◆ Each channel is equipped with a high pass filter.

◆ 6 groups of buses, four group outputs and one stereo output     (main output).

◆ Three section EQ and one section sweep. 100HZ high pass filter.

◆ Each channel is equipped with monitoring function to monitor the     real-time dynamic output of each channel.

◆ Large screen MP3 supports USB playback, recording, Bluetooth     connection and data connection (built-in sound card).

◆ 99 professional digital reverberation effects+100 self set effects.

◆ The marshalling output and main output are equipped with 12     segments of tricolor precise output levels.

◆ 74db preamplifier can accept microphone or line input level     up to+34dbu.

◆ Frequency characteristic :20Hz---20kHz

◆ Signal-to-noise ratio :>-80db

◆ Total harmonic distortion :0.1% (20Hz -- 20kHz+4dBu GAIN is the minimum)

◆ Maximum gain : 70dB (when measuring, all control knobs are at the maximum value, PAN is extreme left or extreme right Rs = 600 Ω)

◆ Input impedance : Line input 4700 Ω balanced, microphone input 47 Ω balanced

◆ Output impedance : 75 Ω balance

◆ Phantom voltage : +48V

◆ Supply voltage : AC /220V/50Hz